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Project Description
This is a .net user control, which simplifies the task of integrating the service into an project.
I created this control as part of an umbraco project where i wanted to give authors the ability to embed rich media in the content.
Simply set the media url property on the user control, and it should show rich content from the +100 oembed services which supports. offers a great service which makes integrating rich media from sites such as youtube, vimeo, imgur and many more very easy. It is based on the oembed standard.
Getting everything set up can be a bit of a pain though. Therefore I created this control, to minimize the setup and integration time. There still is a lot of space for improvement. It all depends on how you wish to use it. :)
- jquery 1.3+
- jquery.emebdly (
(both included in the the test web application project)
General Usage:
1. Get the source code
2. Go to embedly regex generator and decide which services you need to intergrate
Note: as you will see, the regex generator currently does not support any .net based languages. Therefore choose the "plain" javascript generation and copy the regex to the clipboard.
3. Go to the EmbedlyHelper Class and replace the value inside the declaration of the strEmbdlyRegex, with the value from your clipboard. This should leave you with something like:
string strEmbdlyRegex = @"/http:\/\/(.*youtube\.com\/watch.*|.*\.youtube\.com\/v\/.*|youtu\.be\/.*|.*\.youtube\.com\/us........
Note: The EmebdlyHelper will take care of the "conversion" from Javascript Regex to C# Regex.
4. Place the control on page and set the EmbedlyUrl property. e.g. to embed a YouTube video.
5. Test and hopefully be happy.
See it in action at
Visual Studio:

Results in:


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